Contents of 
No Code Web Dev MasterClass

Introduction to the World of
No Code Web Development

Is making a Career in the Software Industry daunting for you without Coding Knowledge ?

✔️ Learn about different platforms which enables you to create websites without coding.

✔️ Learn about endless possibilities with WordPress

Know How a Website’s work

Ever wondered how a website💻 works when you enter a URL in a browser?

✔️ Learn about the best Domain and Hosting

✔️ How they work with each other

Mighty WordPress.
Powering 40% of the world's website. 

You can say genesis of No Code Web Development started by this platform.

✔️ Learn about a platform which enables millions of site be it eCommerce, Portfolio site, business site, Job Portal, blog or anything else

✔️At the end of this module you will be able to install WordPress on the hosting and launch a site 🚀

Guide to Ready Made
Site Templates

You don't need to reinvent the wheels in the times of Tesla.

After this chapter you can use templates of hundreds of website to create you site.

✔️ Know About the best WordPress Themes

✔️ Payment Integration 💳 for eCom sites.

5 Steps 
Basic & Technical SEO for sites

With hundreds of thousands plugins available on WordPress marketplace you can do On Page & Technical SEO easily.

We have shortlisted the best plugins for you.

✔️ Learn from this 5 Step Process to do Basic and Tech SEO.

✔️ Added service for your clients.

🎁 Bonus Chapter

🎁 Corporate Email Writing WorkShop.

Written corporate communication can be nightmare when you work for a client or in a company.

Irrespective of career choice, this life skill you must learn.

🎁 Get a sneak peak into the world of Digital Marketing from someone who has handled sites of 2 Million+ traffic.

Offer Valid till 10th Feb 2022.

You will Learn...

Become a Professional Web Developer without Coding 

✔️ Deploy site without writing a single code in hours.

✔️ That's where whole ecosystem is moving.

eCom, Portfolio, Blog 

Create any site be it eCommerce, portfolio site or a blog for your self or for your clients.

You can even create Marketplace like Amazon and Flipkart.

Grab Clients with a Proven Template

There is a huge demand of Web Developers. Now every business wants to have an online presence even from a smallest town of country. 

 Learn proven way to get clients.

Make a Career 

This MasterClass will help you carve a career in Web Development Industry which is a decades old and will remain there for years to come. 

Offer Valid till 10th Feb 2022.

Know Your Trainer

Ayush Gupta

9+ years of experience in Digital Space, I have worked with Multinational like L&T Infotech and worked on cutting edge technology of Web Development. I have also worked with companies as a Freelance Consultant for Digital Marketing, Product and Web Development. 

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 Exclusive Dot MarkUp No Code Development Community Access
Worth ₹ 3,000

 Guides to help you KickStart your No Code Web Development journey.
Worth ₹ 5,000

 Corporate Email Writing Workshop of 1 hour. Worth ₹ 5,000

 Sneak Peek into Digital Marketing from industry experts. Worth ₹ 5,000

Get all these bonuses worth ₹18,000 and more for FREE only till 10th Feb '22

Offer Valid till 10th Feb 2022.

Who can Take this MasterClass


We understand that how difficult it is to make career choices. Even more when we are confused given the number of options are available in front of us.

This MasterClass will make you learn skills which are highly relevant even if you make a career in it or not.

Even if you want to be an Entrepreneur in long run or going to join a family business learn this skill now. 
Web Development is going to be skill after sometime everybody will know about.

Just how everybody know how to WhatsApp.
We have created this course to help you carve a career in Web Development without Coding. 

Coding is not something everybody enjoys, but creating something from scratch should be in everyone's reach. It will become even great if we make a career out of it.

This MasterClass is for anyone who is looking forward to become a Professional Web Developer without Coding. 🚀

Offer Valid till  10th Feb 2022.

Get Certified.

When You Complete This Course
You receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed by us

  • Upgrade your CV
  • Share Certificate on your LinkedIn 
  • Mark Up your career

Offer Valid till 10th Feb 2022.

Take Charge of Your Career Now

  • Unlock your Potential in High Paying Software Industry
  • You can be your own boss and kickstart your career as a Freelancer
  • Don't hold yourself back 
  • Start your earning in 2022 with these skills. 

Offer Valid till 10th Feb 2022.

The brands and companies that the instructors & students of Dot MarkUp are working or have worked, have no relation what so ever with Dot MarkUp.